Major Engineering and Project Management Services

Allara Energy is currently providing significant senior expertise to major clients in the Oil and Gas, Coal Seam Gas and Transmission Pipeline Owners and Operators.

Projects include:

  • Major Coal Seam Gas Owner & Operator; FEED and Detail Design for Major Boost Compression Project
  • Major Coal Seam Gas Owner & Operator and Transmission Pipeline Owner and Operator; Client Technical Authority Services

These services include:

  • Senior Project Management
  • Senior Process Engineering
  • Senior Mechanical Engineering
  • Senior Piping Engineering

Alternative Energy Production Projects

Allara Energy is a premium solar and clean energy Design and Construction company currently completing the Western Downs Regional Council 102kW Solar Power Generation and Network Connection project.



Allara Energy has successfully obtained direct Australian Defence Force Accreditation and has completed the DADAM project for the Australian Defence Force.

The DADAM (Distribution Assembly - Diesel and Aviation Manifold) is a dual fuel handling and distribution assembly to support remote defence operations. The Commonwealth of Australia required the conceptualisation, design, construct, prototype testing, final production, testing an delivery of seven DADAMs.

The new product was a skid mounted distribution manifold that could distribute jet fuel (AVTUR + FSII) and or Diesel simultaneously or individually to Multiple Bulk Fuel Installations (BFI) locations along the IPDS. The IPDS is the Inline Piping Distribution System which is fuelling system developed to provide fuel in Defence operations. Fuel is one of the most critical logistical operations to execute on the battlefield.

“Considering the war fighting forces' emphasis upon speed, mobility, and agility the Inland Petroleum Distribution System (IPDS) is the most effective method of providing bulk petroleum available today.” LTC Kimberly A. Weaver

The technical objectives of this project where to design and produce a skid mounted unit that provided:

  • Robust design for severe operational conditions
  • Distributing multiple fuel types to different Bulk Fuel Installations simultaneously and or individually
  • Allow for rapid changeover of operations within a military environment
  • Deployment in any location for military action
  • Easily maintainable even in remote locations
  • Withstanding extreme climatic conditions at different geographical regions around the world
  • Approved material of construction
  • Be transportable on land, sea and air
  • Shall withstand four times gravitational forces (4G)
  • Shall be able to handle 2 fuels simultaneously without contamination
  • Minimum pressure loss – less than 0.5 kPa across the DADAM manifold at full flow of 100,000 litres/hour
  • Easily cleanable
  • Minimum repairable parts
  • Designed for corrosion protection
  • Minimum weight
  • Fire safe
  • Minimum expansion owing to temperature variations during prolonged deployment
  • Visual means to identify presence of fuel
  • Visual means to check pressure
  • Spill containment
  • Stackable and easily transportable

Allara Energy successfully achieved the Defence Force requirements including provision of all associated project documentation and delivered the DADAM’s within the project timeframe. Allara Energy continues to support the DADAM as the product OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Australian Defence Force DFI Remediation Works

Allara Energy successfully completed two Lump Sum EPC projects.

  • NAT0518 DFI Remediation Works - RAAF Base Amberley - Aviation Fuel Farm Upgrade
  • NAT0518 DFI Remediation Works - Oakey Army Aviation Centre - Aviation Fuel Farm Upgrade

The Remediation of the DFI (Defence Fuel Installation) was required to upgrade the fuel handling equipment to a) meet fuel integrity requirements; b) replace outdated equipment with fit for purpose equipment; c) meet the increased demand due to fleet expansion; d) meet highest Australian and Defence standards in fuel management.

Allara Energy achieved the technical and construction objectives completed the remediation work in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. The successful delivery aligned with the companies objectives and met the requirements of the EPCM contractor, PMCA and the Australian Defence Force including:

  • Grade 316L or equivalent stainless-steel replacement and upgrade of all carbon steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and 304 stainless steel based piping and components at the tanker loading/unloading facility
  • Comply with Australian Standards and Regulations and Department of Defence Bulk Fuel Installations Requirements and Regulations
  • Replacement of deteriorated and corroded piping
  • Prevent the accumulation of air pockets in service lines
  • Meet operational requirements relating to the manual testing of water content in fuel
  • Prevent water ingress from entering process units
  • Achieve a high degree of operational performance with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Safe disposal and handling of fuels from the unloading bays regarding drainage, air elimination fuel carryover and PSV relief
  • Effective fuel flow control across all discharge pumps
  • Provide safe and compliant equipotential bonding and earthing across the installation to prevent differential potential across the installation and associated explosive risks
  • Above ground tank integrity investigation and refurbishment
  • These activities involved technical uncertainty that could only be resolved experimentally:
    • Design and installation of 4 off-horizontal filter water separators
    • Design and installation of flow control and check valves with integrated water level management capabilities pertaining to the filter separators to accurately measure and control of fuel flow rate and mitigate risk of reverse flow
    • Design and installation of stainless steel tundish filter screens
    • Sizing and refurbishment of positive displacement (PD) flowmeter
    • Design and installation of detonation arrestors for provision of a suitable and safe explosion prevention device to protect the underground tank from explosion due to ignition and flame ingress from the vent
    • Provision of a compliant and operational suitable fuel strainer system
    • Underground dump tank integrity and interstitial space monitoring investigation and refurbishment
    • Pumping VSD and control loop investigation (fuel pump) and refurbishment (RAAF)