Our values

“Exceptional value and sustainable outcomes”

“Trust, Reliability, Flexibility”


Work Health,Safety & Environment Policy

At Allara Energy, a commitment to occupational health, safety and the environment forms an integral element of the business’s strategy and quality management principles.

Management Strategies

  • Ensuring occupational health, safety and environment management principles are included in all organisational planning activities;
  • Providing ongoing education and training to all of our workers;
  • Consulting with workers and other parties to improve decision-making on occupational health, safety and environment matters;
  • Ensuring incidents are investigated and lessons are learnt within the organisation;
  • Distributing occupational health, safety and environment information, including this policy, to all workers and interested parties;
  • Providing enough resources to ensure occupational health, safety and environment is a central part of the organisation; and
  • Ensuring effective injury management and rehabilitation is provided to all employees.

This is achieved through

  • Ensuring business activities comply with statutory requirements, codes, standards and guidelines;
  • Setting up objectives and targets with the aim of eliminating work related incidents in relation to our activities, products and services; and
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for occupational health, safety and environment;
  • Inducting and briefing workers on business and client requirements for minimising safety risk and environmental impact;
  • Safe and appropriate management of waste and where possible, the recycling of materials related to the business’s activities;
  • Upgrade and maintain machinery and equipment to reduce the exposure to safety hazards and environmental impact of operational activities.

Allara Energy is ISO 9001:2015 Accredited

QA Policy

Allara Energy provides quality products and service within time and budget whilst maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Management Strategies

  • Monitor and comply with the client specifications, industry guidelines, Australian Standards, relevant International Standards and Legislative requirements;
  • Prepare, maintain and implement the quality management system and project quality management plans that are documented, practical, effective and relevant;
  • Establish and communicate measurable objectives, targets and performance measures and regularly review progress against the targets set as a minimum on annual basis;
  • Ensure all the company employees, customers, and suppliers are aware of and comply with the Quality Policy and Quality Management System;
  • Maintaining all records of identification and traceability of products and services;
  • Ensure all Allara Energy personnel and suppliers are aware of, and accept their responsibility, for providing quality products and service which complies with, and exceeds the client’s expectations;
  • Report regularly on our quality performance and take remedial action where performance does not meet expectation;
  • Review non-conformance in order to implement effective corrective actions;
  • Develop quality awareness throughout the company by initial and ongoing education and training of all staff, employees and suppliers;
  • Influence our suppliers and sub-contractors to act consistently with our approach towards quality;
  • Promote a culture of innovation and participation engaging our employees to contribute to continuous improvement of the company’s quality performance;
  • Obtain client feedback in order to maintain and strive for client satisfaction as well as opportunities for improvement; and
  • Communicate this policy to all company personnel, suppliers and clients to promote quality responsibility and obligations.