Company Management

Shaun Dunne and John Alexander started working together in Allara Energy in January 2015. Together we have developed a cooperative working relationship focusing on each other’s strengths and working together to deliver projects safely and efficiently whilst continuously acknowledging and improving our capabilities.

Managing Director

Shaun Dunne

Shaun is Managing Director of Allara Energy and is an experienced Chartered Professional Mechanical Engineer (CPEng), Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) and Project Manager, with over 14 years experience in Petroleum and Aviation Fuel, Oil & Gas, Mining, Material Handling & Mineral Processing, Commercial PV & Renewable Energy, Smelting and Industrial Cooling OEM.


Shaun's experience includes Engineering & Design, EPC, Fabrication, Quality Control, Construction & Commissioning, Operations, Maintenance, Contract Management and HSE Management.

Shaun's capabilities and areas of expertise include:

  • Engineering, Feasibility Studies, FEED and Detailed Design
  • Project Management, Construction Management and Engineering Management
  • Construction, Installation, Commissioning and Operator Training
  • Safety Management and WHSE Implementation
  • Fabrication and Manufacturing
  • Business Management and Development

More than 14 years of Engineering, Peoject Management and Construction experience in:

  • Aviation Fuel and Petroleum – Design, OEM, Construction and Installation of fuel systems from Tanks to Fuel Handling Systems, Fuel Farms and Fuel Hydrants.
  • Coal Seam Gas – Facilities Engineering, Operations Engineer, Project Execution from the Well Head to Gas Processing Stations including Compression, TEG, Gathering and Piping Systems.
  • EIC, SCADA and Telemetry – Power Generation, HV systems, Functional Definition and Integration of systems.
  • Above Ground & Underground Mining, Coal & Hard Rock Mining – Engineering and Construction for Mining Equipment and System, Material Handling & Processing, Raw and Fire Water and Mine Dewatering
  • Furnace and Smelting – System and Equipment Design, Fabrication, Construction and Environmental Management.
  • HVAC and Industrial Cooling – Detailed OEM Engineering Design and Engineering Sales
  • Renewable Energy – Design of 10kW to 1MW Photovoltaic Solar Systems including Co-Gen and Battery Backup.
  • EPC and EPCM projects
  • Major projects for:
    • FK Gardner & Sons – Australia
    • Australian Defence Force
    • RAAF Amberley & AAC Oakey
    • Lean Field Developments – Australia
    • APLNG - Origin Energy - Australia
    • Westside Corporation – Australia
    • RSV Australia Pty Ltd. – Australia
    • Rio Tinto - Argyle Diamond Mine
    • Rio Tinto – Kestel Mine Extension
    • Bateman Engineering – South Africa
    • DeBeers – South Africa
    • Keech Furnace Technologies – South Africa
    • EGMForrest - Congo

Director & Company Secretary

John D. Alexander

John is the Company Secretary of Allara Energy and is an AIPM certified Project Director with 32 years of project management experience in Oil and Gas, Pipelines and Terminals, LNG, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Food processing, pharmaceuticals and Mining industries.


John is well experienced in executing EPC, EPCM and LSTK projects. John’s career spans across many countries - Australia, Middle- East, India and South America. John has hands on experience in project delivery from concept to commissioning. His key competencies include management of multi-national work teams, execution of multi-location projects and management of cost and schedule to achieve the desired KPI’s.

John was instrumental in system development and implementation in many organisations. He is a certified ISO 9000 auditor and was responsible for the implementation Quality Assurance in the organisations he has worked with. He is well versed in the development and implementation of project delivery processes and procedures.

BSc. (Mechanical Engineering)
Certified Practicing Project Director
Certified Auditor for ISO 9000 systems

  • More than 33 years of industry experience in:
    • Oil and Gas
    • LNG
    • Refineries
    • Pipelines and Terminals
    • Minerals and Metals
    • Water and Waste Water
    • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
    • Fertilizer
    • Fabrication
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Specialised in Multi location projects and management of multinational project teams
  • EPC and EPCM projects
  • Major projects for:
    • Caltex Refineries, Lytton -Australia
    • Rio Tinto - Australia
    • Origin Energy - Australia
    • Arrow Energy – Australia
    • Jemena - Australia
    • Addax Petroleum - Switzerland
    • Petrofac – Sharjah
    • Qatar Petroleum - Qatar
    • Qatar Petrochemicals – Qatar
    • PDO - Oman
    • Caltex - Qatar
    • Fertilizer and Petrochemicals - FACT - India
    • Chemicals - Gwalior Chemicals - India
    • Colgate Palmolive - India

Manager Instrumentation & Controls

David Morley

David, CEng MEI MEIAust IICA, has 38 years of experience in oil, gas and petrochemical; conceptual and detailed design engineering; front end studies; Project Management; design and co-ordination of petrochemical and oil & gas projects both offshore and onshore; instrumentation & controls. David has been the Group Manager for various Oil, Gas & Energy groups including the Energy Instrument & Controls engineering groups.


David was more recently GHD Pty Ltd, Brisbane as Instrument & Controls Group Manager prior to being the Principal Instrument & Controls Engineer. He is recognised throughout the industry for his high technical ability and achievements in this sector of industry both in design and team management. David has also presented papers at key industry forums and mentored numerous post graduate engineers. David is fully compliant with all relevant AS, BS and international standards (IEC). He has trained numerous post graduates and continues to convey his knowledge and experience throughout the industry employing his outstanding interactive and teamwork skills.

The very nature of David's past and current career ensures that he continues to keep up to date and in front of new technology ensuring Professional Development in all aspects of his job using leading edge technology to benefit all clients.

Key capabilities and areas of expertise include:

  • Design and specification of DCS, ESD, PLC,RTU, Fire and Gas detection, control and shutdown valves, flow metering and all aspects of control systems and field instrumentation.
  • Design, specification, construction and commissioning of pipeline gas metering and offtake stations employing latest SCADA and metering technology (Fiscal and Non-Fiscal).
  • Optimisation Multi Pad Well Skid Design.
  • Instrumentation & controls design engineering for offshore oil and gas installations and onshore refineries.
  • Various due diligence assignments for major clients.
  • Conceptual & detailed design for Leak Detection Systems (LDS) of oil pipelines.
  • Hazardous area classification & zoning & selection of equipment for use in hazardous areas to AS 60079.10.1
  • Evaluation & Assessment & Design of Critical Functional Safety & Control Systems Including SIL determination & verification to IEC/AS 61508/11 (SIL/SIF/SIS)
  • Management, design & specification for I & C for bulk liquid storage terminals
  • General Field Instrumentation for Oil Refineries, Gas Facilities, Chemical Plants
  • System Protocols – ie – MODBUS, Fieldbus, etc.& dual redundant networks
  • CSM Gas Wellhead and Multi Skid design and commissioning.
  • CSM Gas Wellhead Flow Metering Skid design & commissioning
  • Functional Specifications including Systems Architecture for all Control Systems aspects of Gas Plants and Refineries