Exceptional value and sustainable outcomes

Safely or not at all

We lead on the basis of respect, a positive attitude and integrity.

Our objective is delivering value to our customers which includes value for money, incident free projects, exceptional engineering and project delivery, a respectful and positive client relationship. We Achieve this through positive, collaborative and respectful relationships with our suppliers and sub-contractors and dedication and loyalty to our staff.

Expertise list

  • Oil and Gas facilities
    • Fuel Farms
    • Aviation
    • Jet Fuel (AVTUR & FSII)
    • AVGAS
    • Petroleum
    • Diesel
    • Service Stations
  • Coal Seam Gas
    • Facilities
    • Compression
    • Gathering piping
    • Well heads kids
    • Pipelines
    • Process Stations
  • Minerals and Mining
    • Coal mining
    • Above ground
    • Underground
    • Material handling
    • Rain, fire water and dewatering
    • Facilities
    • Processing
  • Chemical Plants
  • Commercial Solar and Renewable Energy Developments
    • Solar PV
    • Solar themal
    • Co-gen
    • Waste to gas to power (low temp gasification and SYNGAS production)
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • UAV
    • Surveillance
    • Mapping
    • Lidar
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Water and Waste Water facilities
  • Alternate Energy

Our Clients